Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cuban Rhythms

Cuban Rhythm Welcome to my educational Cuban music blog page.
The reason I am creating this blog is to make Cuban music accessible to people who's interested in Cuban music, but no clue how to approach the information.
I spent a lot of time to get just simple basic patterns for each styles.
If I could find these basic patters when I started to study Cuban music, I could spend more time to develop more advanced deep knowledge/technique for each styles.
I want other people to save their time and learn more profound aspect (Technically and spiritually) of Cuban music.
Also, when I go to some of Cuban music classes, I found that people don't have musical education at school have hard time to remember previous class's rhythm because they don't know how to write down (notate).
Since music (especially, Cuban music) is for everybody, all level musicians should be able to learn.
I will try to use videos and notation that is understandable to people who doesn't have "official" musical education.
I will try to add a new rhythm every month.
If you have comment or found mistakes, please let me know.
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